The SolarRide™ transportation solution is comprised of solar modules and a charge controller that ensures you receive the maximum benefit from your solar investment.

SolarRide auxiliary power allows you to:

– Reduce Fuel Consumption. Use solar energy instead of gas to power auxiliary systems

– Reduce Maintenance Costs. Running the truck engine less results in decreased intervals for scheduled maintenance.

– Reduce Emissions. Using clean solar power instead of fuel reduces emissions to help truckers comply with environmental regulations

– Provide Stand-by Power. Use solar energy for standby power without running the engine.

– Provide Power to Truck De-icing Systems. De-ice the truck with solar energy instead of fuel

SolarRide Transportation Kits

Additional Information

SolarRide Transportation Datasheet

SolarRide Kit Datasheet

MiaSolé Brochure: Products and Solutions

Location - Norway
Installation Size - 1.2 kW per bus
Customer - Green Tech Bus
Installation - June 2018

Reference: Green Tech Bus

Location - Taian, China
Installation Size - 1.5kW/Truck
Customer - Taian Changan Dining Equipment
Installation - April 2015

Reference: Taian Changan Dining Equipment Co

Location - India
Installation Size - 5 kW
Customer - RelyOn Solar
Installation - June 2016

Reference: Konkan Railway