The low-profile LeSoleil FLEX modules offer superior performance in high-wind environments, making them an ideal solution to provide solar power on boats. The low-profile unobtrusive design also maintains the aesthetic appeal of the boat. The panels are so lightweight that they do not require retrofitting the boat structure for support, and they can be easily mounted and removed. The high efficiency rating of >17% enables the highest energy production possible in a flexible panel, crucial on a boat with little free space

Location - Multiple
Installation Size - 500 W
Customer - iMSS
Installation - February 2015

Reference: iMSS

Location - The Netherlands
Installation Size - 2 kWp
Customer - University of Twente Student Team
Installation - July 2017

Reference: Solar Boat Twente

Location - Ecuadorian Amazon
Installation Size - 6.7kWp
Customer - KARA Solar
Installation - September 2016

Reference: KARA Solar