Hantile Solar Roof Tile

Hanergy Hantiles are created by encapsulating Lesoleil thin, flexible thin-film solar cells into ultra-clear float glass. As a building material, Hantile conserves heat more effectively and offers better thermal insulation than standard roof tiles. The glass Hantile products are waterproof and can generate electricity at temperatures ranging from -40C to 85 C. The product line has been certified by the Chinese and European authorities, with US certification expected in the coming year.

Hantiles have an efficiency rate of 16.5%.

Hanergy Solar Car

The Hanergy Solar series of vehicles include the Hanergy Solar R, Hanergy Solar O, Hanergy Solar L and Hanergy Solar A, targeted at different groups of users.

Integrated with flexible and highly efficient thin-film solar cells and modules, the full solar power vehicles with zero emissions use solar energy as its main source of driving force through a series of precise control and managing systems, including a photoelectric conversion system, an energy storage system and an intelligent control system.

As Hanergy’s full solar power vehicles acquire power directly from the sun, they do not depend on charging posts and thus have no need to bother with “distance per charge” anymore, making “zero charging” possible during medium and short distance journeys.

The solar cars use Hanergy’s gallium arsenide (GaAs) dual-junction solar cell, with a conversion rate of 31.6%. This cell was awarded with aWorld Record Certificateby the World Record Association.

The vehicles feature light weight and maximization of the area covered by thin-film solar cells. Their user-friendly designs enable users to select and manage different travelling and weather modes in a real-time, mobile, networked and smart way. Users can select charging modes in accordance with varied weather conditions through Apps on their mobiles. Moreover, the vehicles are equipped with ultrasonic cleaning technology for maintenance of the solar cells.