Residential Rooftop

The LeSoleil Flex Series solar modules are designed for building integrated solar applications over a wide range of residential standing seam metal roof panels. LeSoleil’s FLEX N series panels can be applied onsite and are available factory laminated onto  metal roof panels by LeSoleil’s metal roof manufacturer partners to reduce onsite labor cost. Unlike conventional glass modules and rack systems that cover the metal roof, the FLEX N series modules bond directly onto the metal roof panel and blend in with architectural standing seam panels preserving the visual look and design of the architectural metal roof panels.

Without heavy and expensive solar racking, roof penetrations are eliminated and the reduction in weight load significantly lowers project costs and stress on the roof and home. In addition, since the roof and the solar system are now one BIPV (Building-integrated Photovoltaic) product, project logistics are greatly simplified, and installation labor costs and time are reduced.

Integration of the low profile, BIPV roof modules onto a residential roof surface protects against seismic movement and high winds. The final installed solar solution is lightweight, maintains normal roof warranty, and is ideal for low weight bearing building structures.

Features and Benefits:

– Factory Applied Self-Adhesive – Simple Peel & Stick Application

– Efficiency Rating +17.5%

– Lightweight – 0.7 lb/ft2

– High Wind Zone Performance

– Low Labor and Balance of System (BOS) Costs

Roof Type - Metal
Location - Urbana, IL
Installation Size - 9.7 kWp
Customer - Harnsberger Residence
Installation - August 2019

Reference: Urbana, IL

Roof Type - ATAS Dutch Seam Metal
Location - Bethpage, NY
Installation Size - 2 kWp
Customer - Millenium Limited Contracting
Installation - November 2015

Reference: Bethpage/ NY

Roof Type - Metal
Location - NSW, Australia
Installation Size - 2 kWp
Customer - BlueScope Steel
Installation - April 2013

Reference: NSW/ Australia

Roof Type - Metal
Location - Greenville, SC
Installation Size - 12 kWp
Customer - Private Residence
Installation - September 2017

Reference: Cadmus Construction

Roof Type - Phoenix Solar Tech bituminous waterproofing membrane
Location - Trevignano, Italy
Installation Size - 5.92 kWp
Customer - Private Residence
Installation - December, 2016

Reference: General Membrane Trevignano

Roof Type - Virte-Metalli Plato
Location - Kaarina, Finland
Installation Size - 5 kWp
Customer - Private Residence
Installation - August 2017

Reference: Residence in Kaarina, Finland