Commercial Rooftop

The FLEX Series product is the ideal solar solution for metal and low-slope commercial roofs. These panels are lightweight and can be directly bonded to both metal and membrane system roofs — eliminating the need for solar racking, reducing weight load and significantly lowering project costs. For metal roofs, the FLEX series PV modules can be installed over a wide range of standard architectural metal roof panels, including flat and striated panel pans ranging from 16 to 36 inches wide. As an example, the FLEX Series modules can be directly applied to square rib corrugated panels to create solar parking canopies.

For today’s advanced membrane roof systems, the FLEX modules bond directly onto the membrane, eliminating the need for solar racking, concrete ballasts, and roof penetrations. Integration of the low profile, thin film modules onto the membrane roof surface protects against seismic movement and high winds. The LeSoleil FLEX modules simplify project logistics and reduce labor costs and installation times. The final installed solar solution is lightweight, making it ideal for low weight bearing building structures.

Features and Benefits:

– Factory Applied Self-Adhesive – Simple Peel-and-Stick Application

– Efficiency Rating +17.5%

– Lightweight

– High Wind Zone Performance

– Low Labor and Balance of System (BOS) Costs

– Optional: Factory Laminated on Metal Panel for Rapid Installation

– Optional: Field Applied Modules — On-site Roll Forming — Retrofit

– Direct Bonding on Membrane Roofs from Some Roof Manufacturers

– Optional: Secondary Membrane Panel Option for Older Membrane Roofs

Roof Type - Evalon Membrane Roof
Location - ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
Installation Size - 150 kWp
Customer - Maaspoort Den Bosch
Installation - August 2018

Reference: Maaspoort Den Bosch

Roof Type - Metal
Location - Utrecht, Netherlands
Installation Size - 50 kWp
Customer - CBRE
Installation - November 2015

Reference: CBRE, Utrech, Netherlands

Roof Type - Corrugated Metal
Location - Melbourne, Australia
Installation Size - 6 kWp
Customer - Leeson Group / Port of Melbourne
Installation - June 2015

Reference: Konkan Railway

Roof Type - Metal
Location - Wales, UK
Installation Size - 17.5 kWp
Customer - BIPVCo.
Installation - September 2016

Reference: BIPVCo., Swansea University Active Classroom

Roof Type - TPO
Location - Quincy, MA
Installation Size - 15 kWp
Customer - Large Retailer
Installation - November 2014

Reference: Large Retailer / Quincy, MA

Roof Type - TPO
Location - Manhattan, KS
Installation Size - 1 kWp
Customer - Kansas State University
Installation - June 2014

Reference: Kansas State University / Manhattan, KS

Roof Type - Metal
Location - Wales, UK
Installation Size - 1.5 kWp
Customer - BIPVCo.
Installation - November 2015

Reference: BIPVCo., Wales, UK

Roof Type - Metal
Location - Turku, Finland
Installation Size - 27.4 kWp
Customer - Virte Solar
Installation - June 2016

Reference: BIPVCo., Wales, UK